KSRTC [RAC143] | Kozhikode to Vayalada | Bus Timings

Vayalada, located near Balusseri in Kozhikode district, is a beautiful hilltop getaway known as the Gavi of Malabar. It offers a pleasant climate with misty surroundings and lush greenery all around. The picturesque hilltop is located around 40 km from Kozhikode and around 12 km from Balusseri. With an elevation of 2,000 feet above sea level, this hill is highly popular among trekkers who visit during weekends. KSRTC (Kerala State Road Transport Corporation) Kozhikode bus depot runs an ordinary bus service between Kozhikode and Vayalada. If you’re planning a bus trip from Vayalada to Kozhikode or Kozhikode to Vayalada, make sure to check the Bus Timings between Vayalada and Kozhikode below. Note that in some cases, the bus images displayed are representative. Please contact the respective bus stands and depots for the most up-to-date bus schedules.

KSRTC RAC 143 Kozhikode to Vayalada Bus Timings

KSRTC RAC 143 Kozhikode to Vayalada Bus Timings

KSRTC ‘Ordinary’ Kozhikode to Vayalada
Bus Route (Bus Stops) : Kakkodi, Nanminda, Balusseri

KSRTC Kozhikode to Vayalada Bus Timings

KSRTC Vayalada bus Timetable from Kozhikode bus stand.
Bus Schedules – Departure at Kozhikode : 06:40, 15:40
Arrival at Vayalada : 08:20, 17:20

KSRTC Vayalada to Kozhikode Bus Timings

KSRTC Kozhikode bus Timetable from Vayalada bus stand.
Bus Schedules – Departure at Vayalada : 08:30, 17:30
Arrival at Kozhikode : 06:30, 19:10


The distance between Vayalada and Kozhikode is around 40 km and the KSRTC Vayalada and Kozhikode bus travel time will be around 01:40 hrs

Kerala KSRTC Bus Enquiry Contact Number : 0471 – 2463799, 9447071021
KSRTC Kozhikode Bus Stand Contact Number : 0495 – 2723796
Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) is a public transport bus operator in Kerala. Book tickets online at
Official Kerala KSRTC Online Booking site https://online.keralartc.com/oprs-web/


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