Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation

TNSTC [TN 29 N 2769] | Salem – Hosur | Bus Timings

TNSTC TN 29 N 2769 Salem - Hosur Bus Timings

Hosur is an industrial city located on the Karnataka border near Bangalore. Salem is one of largest cities in Tamil Nadu and best known for Steel. Salem is around 160 ...

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TNSTC Bus Timings from Palladam Bus Stand

TNSTC Bus Timings from Palladam Bus Stand

Palladam is a town in Tiruppur district. Palladam is around 15 km from Tiruppur city. Palladam is famous for Textile industries, Poultry farms and Agriculture. Palladam town is well connected ...

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TNSTC [TN 43 N 0711] | Gudalur – Devala – Kariashola – Gudalur | Circular Bus Timings

TNSTC TN 43 N 0711 Gudalur - Devala - Gudalur Circular Bus Timings

Gudalur is one of the towns situated in the lower plateau of the Nilgiri Mountains. It is situated at the junction of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka. Gudalur is around ...

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TNSTC [TN 38 N 3652] | Mettupalayam – Dindigul | Bus Timings

TNSTC TN 38 N 3652 Mettupalayam - Dindigul Bus Timings

Mettupalayam is an important town on the foothills of Nilgiris. Its the gateway to Nilgiri mountains. Dindigul is around 170 km from Mettupalayam. TNSTC (Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation) Mettupalayam ...

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SETC [KKD D106] | Gudalur – Ooty – Kanyakumari | Bus Timings | [#664E]

SETC KKD D106 TN 01 AN 3398 Gudalur - Kanyakumari Bus Timings

Kanyakumari also known as Cape Comorin is a town in Kanyakumari District. Kanyakumari is the southern tip of Indian subcontinent. The southernmost town in mainland India. A popular tourist destination ...

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TNSTC [TN 39 N 0300] | Mettupalayam – Tiruppur | Bus Timings

TNSTC TN 39 N 0300 Mettupalayam - Tiruppur Bus Timings

Mettupalayam is a town in Coimbatore district. It is around 40 km from Coimbatore city. Mettupalayam is located on the foothills of Nilgiri Mountains. Its the gateway to Nilgiris. Tiruppur ...

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TNSTC [TN 43 N 0775] | Gudalur – Thaloor – Sulthan Bathery | Bus Timings

TNSTC TN 43 N 0775 Gudalur - Thaloor - Sulthan Bathery Bus Timings

Sulthan Bathery is a town in Wayanad district near the borders with Tamil Nadu and Karnataka states. This town was part of Kidanganadu village, which got its name because of ...

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TNSTC [TN 38 N 1649] | Valparai – Palani | Bus Timings

TNSTC TN 38 N 1649 Valparai - Palani Bus Timings

Valparai is a hill station in the Coimbatore district. It consists of Anamalai Tiger Reserve and it is located on the Anaimalai Hills range of the Western Ghats. Valparai is ...

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