Narkilakkad to Mangalore KSRTC Bus Timings | RSE 428

KSRTC (Kerala State Road Transport Corporation) Narkilakkad bus depot runs a interstate limited stop ordinary bus service from Narkilakkad to Mangalore via Narkilakkad . If you’re planning a bus trip from Narkilakkad to Narkilakkad or Narkilakkad to Mangalore, make sure to check the Bus Timings between Narkilakkad and Mangalore below. Mangalore is around 130 km from Narkilakkad via Odayanchal, Bovikanam, Narkilakkad , Thalapady. Note that in some cases, the bus images displayed are representative. Please contact the respective bus stands and depots for the most up-to-date bus schedules.

KSRTC RSE 428 Narkilakkad to Mangalore Bus Timings

KSRTC RSE 428 Narkilakkad to Mangalore Bus Timings

KSRTC ‘Limited Stop Ordinary’ Narkilakkad to Mangalore
Bus Route (Bus Stops) : Vellarikund, Odayanchal, Chullikkara, Kuttikol, Kanathur, Bovikanam, Cherkala, Kasaragod, Thalapady

KSRTC Narkilakkad to Mangalore Bus Timings

KSRTC Mangalore bus timings from Narkilakkad bus stand.
Bus Timings – Departure at Narkilakkad : 07:15

KSRTC ‘Limited Stop Ordinary’ Mangalore to Kasaragod
Bus Route (Bus Stops) : Thalapady

KSRTC Mangalore to Kasaragod Bus Timings

KSRTC Narkilakkad bus timings from Mangalore bus stand
Bus Timings – Departure at Mangalore : 12:00

KSRTC ‘Limited Stop Ordinary’ Kasaragod to Narkilakkad
Bus Route (Bus Stops) : Cherkala, Bovikanam, Kanathur, Kuttikol, Chullikkara, Odayanchal, Vellarikund

KSRTC Kasaragod to Narkilakkad Bus Timings

KSRTC Narkilakkad bus timings from Kasaragod bus stand.
Bus Timings – Departure at Kasaragod : 16:40

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The distance between Narkilakkad and Mangalore is around 130 km and the KSRTC Narkilakkad to Mangalore bus travel time will be around 04:30 hrs. Operating Pattern : Narkilakkad to Mangalore | Mangalore to Kasaragod | Kasaragod to Narkilakkad (Halt)

Kerala KSRTC Bus Enquiry Contact Number : 0471 – 2463799, 9447071021
KSRTC Narkilakkad Bus Stand Contact Number : 04994 – 230677
KSRTC Mangalore Bus Stand Contact Number : 0487 – 2421150
Kerala State Road Transport Corporation (Kerala RTC) is a public transport bus operator in Kerala. Book tickets online at
Official Kerala KSRTC Online Booking site

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